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Wednesday, July 13, began as an ordinary day. "The families are slowly disappearing.". Richard Speck | The Chicago Nurse Killer 10,333 views Apr 17, 2020 61 Dislike Share Real Ghost Stories Online 67.8K subscribers In 1966 residents of south Chicago were traumatized by a deviant. We strive for accuracy and fairness.If you see something that doesn't look right,.css-47aoac{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;text-decoration-thickness:0.0625rem;text-decoration-color:inherit;text-underline-offset:0.25rem;color:#A00000;-webkit-transition:all 0.3s ease-in-out;transition:all 0.3s ease-in-out;}.css-47aoac:hover{color:#595959;text-decoration-color:border-link-body-hover;}contact us! On many of those days she walked home crying, yet it was her afternoons with Tommy that made her think she could be a nurse. Mary Ann Jordanin her nursing uniform in an undated photo. . Not only had they been allowed a slumber party with their mother, but their big sister who was about to graduate from nursing school was coming home for good the next day. Atienza was the states key witness when Martin prosecuted Speck in the 1967 trial. Speck is in jail for murdering and raping a group of women. (Chris Walker/Chicago Tribune). Martin and Atienza kept in contact as Martin collaborated with author Dennis Breo, updating the book "Crime of the Century," about the Speck murder case. I stabbed them and I choked them. There's no question that Richard Speck lived a very troubled life from an early age. During one of Pam's shifts, a patient slugged her. Despite concerns about her ability to testify after her harrowing ordeal, she gave a faultless performance, impressing the jury with every detail of that evening, identifying Speck unequivocally. The police didn't rush them, but they left as fast as they could. The kitchen was also home to the family cookie jar, a white canister that said "Cooky" on the front, a detail he retains because "Cooky" was his father's nickname for Suzie. I want you to look at her eyes.". I don`t know why it happened to me. The Mystery Novelist Who Committed a Real Murder, Boston Marathon Bombings Survivors, 10 Years Later, A Complete Timeline of Adnan Syeds Trial, Release. Their married bliss was short-lived, however, and Speck's reversion to type landed him a jail sentence for theft and check fraud, in 1963. When he left, hours later, taking the money he had stolen, she cowered in her hiding place, terrified, for hours, before finally summoning the courage to seek help. So much youth and beauty, so much wit and fun. On the way back, they got lost. In one photo that captures her impish side, she's tucked in bed with a housemate, the covers pulled to her chin, her hair in a shower cap. Astrological Sign: Sagittarius, Death Year: 1991, Death date: December 5, 1991, Death State: Illinois, Death City: Joliet, Death Country: United States, Article Title: Richard Speck Biography, Author: Editors, Website Name: The website, Url:, Publisher: A&E; Television Networks, Last Updated: December 1, 2021, Original Published Date: April 2, 2014. (Chris Walker/Chicago Tribune). A few years ago, he ran into an old family friend and she told him a story he'd never heard, about how when she was in high school and couldn't afford a prom dress, Suzie made her one. He spent the rest of his life in prison until he died of a heart attack in 1991 at age 49. Speck also has a foul mouth on him and Ford realizes that there is only one way to communicate with him. Life magazine cited her "pancit," made of noodles and vegetables with pork. As he was sponging blood off the patient's arm, he saw that the man had a tattoo that said "Born to Raise Hell" that matched the description from the newspaper. Suzanne Farris appears as a young girl with a prayer card from her funeral on July 18, 1966. Gloria's brother and three of her sisters are still alive. She was not the same person. One victim was also raped prior to her murder. Just below, in smaller type, was the news that six policemen had been shot during riots on the West Side. 28. I asked him if he wasn`t afraid of getting in trouble for talking about the contraband he kept in his cell. Only recently, since John Schmale got in touch with her about a 50th anniversary commemoration for the women, has Lori let herself believe that it's OK to remember, OK to cry. The real-life Speck who tortured, raped, and murdered eight Chicago student nurses in a. In one of John Schmale's slides, Nina poses wearing nothing but a white towel and her nurse's cap, holding a hypodermic needle and pretending she's about to give one of her housemates a shot. They'd see each other Friday, go hang out on Rush Street on the Gold Coast. We kind of lost her, Lori said. He'll never forget the cards and letters that flooded in from strangers all over the world. One of her sisters would later say the delay may have been a sign that "God didn't want her to leave.". Life in the new country must have brought surprises, but it was hardly dramatic. He was arrested and stood trial for murdering the eight nurses. Richard Speck was a murderer notorious for killing eight student nurses in 1966. (Schmale family ). Ate an early supper with Merlita and Tina. (Curtis Thatcher & Assoc.). "The mailman would bring them in boxes," he said. The two were destined to be roommates in a townhouse on Chicago's South Side. Speck was the seventh of eight children. On some summer days, because it gives him a warm feeling he can't entirely explain, he drives around, top down, in a car he bought a few years ago. Speck was captured two days later when an emergency room doctor at Cook County Hospital thought a patient he was treating for self-inflicted gashes looked familiar. After Speck's trial she moved back to the Philippines and married in 1969, but she returned to the U.S. about four years later. Nina. No answer. Always a quiet woman, she grew quieter. Then I screamed for help. It's the psychological kind, full of memories and emotions, the kind Schmale means when he says: "Opening the box at first meant to me that I was going to reopen her death. To be reminded of his sister's kindness, to be able to speak with someone about her in that way, gave him rare comfort. Murder made Richard Speck famous. Not long afterward, Arline Davy, sitting on the floor, hugging her knees to her chest, made an announcement to her daughters. Speck is the character who, while being interviewed by Ford and Tench, tosses a pet bird into a fan. Life, though not idyllic, felt safe. Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. Site contains certain content that is owned A&E Television Networks, LLC. Speck's trial began on April 3, 1967, and his claim that he had no recollection of the eight murders committed placed Corazon Amurao in the spotlight as the star witness. By the time they were in their third year, they had helped deliver babies, treated sick children, watched people die. The book is a detailed account of the months before the crime and ends with the drama of the trial. Inside sat four square, off-white boxes labeled "Kodak," and on top of them lay a sheet of thin pink paper. '', He said that if he were ever paroled, and someone annoyed him, ''I`ll be back in prison. Here are the details of the Richard Speck case, explained. They're walking home from church, dressed in matching blue coats and hats and black patent leather shoes, each clutching an Easter basket. A native Tagalog speaker, she began learning English in first grade. Before long, the Davy home was packed with people, and every room, it seemed, was packed with roses, so many roses the scent made Lori sick. I don`t want nothing to do with them women.''. What would Nina, who died at 24, look like today, at 74? In the spring of 1966, she stepped into an airplane bound for Chicago. I wanted to get rid of it. "She found the thing she loved doing, she meets a guy that she says 'yes' to about being married," he said. What he did, however, is known, because Cora, a 4-foot-10 nurse from the land of the concealed knife, escaped his sight at one point and hid under one bed, then another, until he was gone. "I just would have liked her to see the kids," he said, and he cried. Indiana authorities wanted to interview Speck regarding the murder of three girls who had vanished on July 2, 1966, and whose bodies were never found. Being in the world of the older girls felt cool. Over his 25-year career with the FBI's Investigative Support Unit, Douglas interviewed hundreds of America's most notoriously brutal killers, from Charles Manson and Ted Bundy to " Son of Sam " David Berkowitz and the " BTK Killer ," Dennis Rader. Where Is Acquitted Murderer Candy Montgomery Now? After the death of his father when Speck was six, his mother remarried, moving the family to Dallas, Texas. Betty Jo had one more request. A funeral parlor jammed with mourners. For her to discuss an event she calls "still unbelievable" is an act of faith, one she commits only because she'd like the world to pause and think about Mary Ann and her friends. And the mail. Who is Corazon Amurao? Lori Davy, center, accepts a nursing school diploma on behalf of her slain sister, Gloria Davy, at a ceremony at McCormick Place in 1966. `Parents ought to be careful about their kids,'' Richard Speck said. She appreciates every day of life and wants to be happy all the time, because life is not long, Martin said she told him recently. She wanted to make her sister look like her sister, Kubasek said, choking up on the word sister., Student nurses Patricia Matusek, left, and Suzanne Farris, circa 1966. The kitchen door opened onto a narrow alley where Nina parked her Bel Air and where a hospital shuttle picked up and delivered students. When he agreed to talk about his sister, he asked to meet at the Lansing Public Library, which used to be the Indiana Avenue School where he and Pam attended first through fifth grades. According to a news account at the time, she thought it was a safer place to raise a family. Chicago was chilly, with a trace of snow, on May 9, 1966, when Tina's plane landed hardly the steamy weather she had known in Jones, a town 240 miles from Manila, where she grew up with five siblings. Shortly after the Filipina women arrived, the Chicago women threw them a welcome party, and over the next few weeks helped them learn their way around the city. Richard Speck, in full Richard Benjamin Speck, (born December 6, 1941, Kirkwood, Illinois, U.S.died December 5, 1991, Joliet), American mass murderer known for killing eight female nursing students in a Chicago town house in 1966. On board was another exchange nurse, Corazon Amurao, whom she had met a month or so earlier. Pat asked. She also had a hard time believing he actually died of a heart attack in prison in 1991 and wonders why she was spared. She promptly planned a trip to the United States, but passport problems twice forced her to postpone. Dorothy Schmale died five years after her daughter did, her death hastened by heartbreak. Speck then rounded the nurses up and ordered them to empty their purses, before tying them all up. From the transcript of Speck's trial: Q: How long did you scream, in a sitting position, with the window open? "She did well with other people in situations that you're not necessarily in control of," Farris said, "which I think is a good skill for nursing.". She perpetuated the ruse until the day her daughter, then in high school, was watching a TV show about Speck, the women he murdered and the families left behind. The close quarters helped turn most of the women into close friends, and for all their dedication and discipline, they loved pranks. (Schmale family ). Dr. John Schmale found a box of old slides in his waterlogged basement and opened a flood of memories. His leisure tastes? She wrote her daughter's name, Nina, on a piece of pink paper. Richard Roundtree? If I had to do it all over again, it would be a simple house burglary. Between their second-floor apartments stretched a low, flat roof, and Pat and Arlene often ran across it to tap on each other's windows, looking for a playmate. Childhood friends of Patricia Matusek share memories with Matuseks niece, who never met her. In 1978, though, I spent two hours with him at Stateville Prison, having a conversation he later said he wished he hadn`t agreed to. Wilkening has had a full life, but he doesn't pretend the pain is gone or that his life ever returned to a true version of normal. He was sentenced to death, but the sentence was later overturned due to issues with jury selection at his trial. An impressive and brazen mimic, Mary Ann made everyone around her laugh. Only Cora would survive. By the time he was 24, in 1966, Speck was in Chicago looking for work. The kitchen was the townhouse social hub, a place where Nina and her roommates congregated to eat, study and listen to the record player from the nearby living room. Atienza was one of three Filipina exchange nurses who lived there, too, and worked at the hospital. The radio said some nurses had been killed; the police wouldn't give out information. Through the end of spring and on into summer, Tina and her Filipina friends were sometimes spotted walking to a nearby shopping center, and they took occasional field trips, but they spent a lot of their nonworking time in the townhouse, frequently writing letters home. A photo shows four of the eight slain student nurses at South Chicago Community Hospital, circa 1966. Her dad was on the line. Another time, according to a different news account, Tina wrote her sister saying she wished she could live in Chicago forever. That was almost true; the man whose crimes introduced the term ''mass murderer'' to the American lexicon did not like to talk. He thinks of his sister every day. Many of those people have never spoken at length about what happened, not even to close family members. Nina Jo Schmale appears in an undated photo. Their father was a cement finisher descended from Germans. He killed more than eight people., Lori Davy Sivek remembers her sister Gloria Davy, one of eight student nurses and nurses murdered together 50years ago on Chicago'sSouth Side. Suzie was lucky. It was the early 1960s, before the flowering of the women's liberation movement, an era when it wasn't assumed that women would leave the house to work, and those who did had few choices. Nursing school exposed Pam and her classmates to life's wide range of joy and trouble. A. Menudo Star Says Jos Menendez Assaulted Him. Corazon Amurao, center, the nurse who survived the massacre of eight of her fellow student nurses, walks between another nurse and William Ruddel, Bridewell jail superintendent, from Bridewell's Cermak Memorial Hospital after a second visit to the building where Richard Speck was being held on July 19, 1966. When Speck realizes he's being played, he. "She is doing very, very well," said William Martin, 79, the former assistant state's attorney who was the lead prosecutor in the case. property management kalamazoo, gramm leach bliley act text, truckee plane crash ntsb report,

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